SECOND BRIEF: The Three Postulates of Cosmology:

    First Postulate:             The Big Bang occurred

    Second Postulate:         The Universe is expanding

    Third Postulate:            The Universe is flat (linear)

Cosmology will never be correctly understood until Einstein’s Non-Symmetric Field Theory is accepted.  Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening anytime soon, because nonlinear field theory not only is in direct opposition to the Third Postulate of Cosmology, it also discredits the notion of an expanding Universe which ultimately discredits the Big Bang Theory.

The problem with the Postulates of Cosmology is that they don’t acknowledge the differential calculus “slope” derivation of a curve (Newtonian Differential Calculus) or the plot of a nonlinear coordinate system (such as a logarithm graph or an exponential graph). Not only have these concepts been well established for hundreds of years, they vividly express the nonlinear continuum. To disregard these concepts in favor of a flat Universe is not only scientifically incorrect, it’s a cop-out.

Apparently leading scientists today (as well as in Einstein’s day) can’t comprehend a 3-dimentional nonlinear coordinate system. So they disregard Einstein’s final and most profound theory, rather than admit they don’t understand it. 

That’s unfortunate, because it’s really not that hard to understand. The nonlinear coordinate system is not new. For years, engineers have incorporated nonlinear graphs (exponential and logarithmic graphs) in order to plot nonlinear variables by using a straightedge.


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